Agriculture and Allied Sciences -1986

Dr. H.K. Jain
Dr. H K Jain is distinguished for his contributions in the fields of plant breeding and genetics. He has carried out extensive studies on genetic recombination and the mutation process; this work has been published in the foremost scientific journals. For more than a decade Dr Jain has provided scientific leadership to the high-yielding varieties development programme of IARI; these varieties continue to the major instrument of India's strategy to transform its traditional agriculture.

Dr. Jain has been responsible for developing the concept of a "national multilineal complex" of varieties, driving their resistance from diverse sources, and recommended for different parts of the country, as a strategy to contain the threat of build-up of disease and pest epidemics. He has also planned the diversification of the improved varieties programme, so that the production of grain legumes, oilseeds and other crops can be increased in the same manner as that of the cereal crops. The new multiple and inter-cropping patterns which the IARI is now recommending are based on these varieties. Presently Dr. Jain is with the International Service for National Agricultural Research, Holland his current work is related to planning agricultural strategies, particularly for Africa as also other developing countries.